How it Works

STEP 1: Register (click on your location to get started) and pay $10 to receive your garment bag

              You will receive a $10 discount from your first order

STEP 2: Put your dry cleaning and laundry in the bag (either as a duffel bag or a hanger bag)       

STEP 3: Fill out the supplied “Notes to Alter It” form left in the bag's external plastic pocket

STEP 4: Leave your bag with the ground floor lobby concierge before 10.00am or, where your building does not have a concierge, with the designated person in your office before 9.30am

STEP 5: We return your items to the concierge, or where your building does not have a concierge, with the designated person in your office, the next day


The Bag

Our bag is eco friendly and versatile. It is a sturdy all in one – laundry, duffel and garment bag that has a special section for shoes.
The bag is easy to use, has a draw string base for conversion to a duffel bag and stores 10-14 garments hanging.
Upon request we are happy to wash your bag at no charge

How We Communicate with Each Other

When dropping off items for dry cleaning or shoe repairs, please complete the “Notes to Alter It” form which has been placed in the external pocket on the garment bag every time you get the bag back from us. The form has space to:
•   Put in the quantity of garments you are giving us    
•   Request same day service for dry clean only (note a $20 surcharge applies)   
•   Tell us about the nature of any special stains on the garments      
•   Request any special attention or needs you may have    
•   Request to wash your bag at no charge      
•   Ask us to contact you
We will place our tax invoice in the external pocket of your bag
If we have any queries we will communicate with you by mobile phone (SMS or phone call)
You can call us on 1800 2 ALTER and press either the dry clean or shoe repair option to talk directly to the dry cleaner.

Refund and Exchange Policy

• If an item is not cleaned or repaired to reasonable standards, we will clean or repair it again at no further cost.
•   We are unable to accept order cancellations after order has been processed.  We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind.
•   We can not guarantee the removal of all stains. We request your help to identify stains as this will assist us to remove them.
How it Works
How it Works