Hairspray is mightier than the pen

22nd May 2012

We have all experienced a case of ‘pen-leak in shirt-pocket’, but who knew it could be easily remedied with one of the modern era’s miracle formulas: a humble can of hairspray?



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There is something magical about hairspray. It is responsible for beehives, bouffant hair, and as magazines have been telling us for decades “tames away those frizzies”. But it is not only a wonder-product for hair.


One of its lesser-known attributes is it also doubles as a stain remover. Next time you have some pen marks on a shirt cuff (something that is frequent occurrence for left-handers like myself), or your ballpoint pen leaks inside the lining of your handbag or shirt pocket, all you need is a quick shhhhh of your hairspray and hey presto, ink be gone!


A few tips to ensure best use:

 1. Use an alchohol-based hairspray and spray directly on to the stain

 2. The ink will rise to the surface

 3. Once ink has risen, wipe off with a damp towel, wiping horizontally.


Happy spraying! 



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