Shorten It

Need something to be shortened, and fast? From shirt cuffs to pant hems, shorts, skirts, dresses, blazers, jackets and more.


  • Most pant hems will be shortened within ½ hour. 

  • Shorten your jeans with the original hem.

  • Shorten your pants with a cuff. 

  • We will shorten skirts and dresses, with or without lining. 

  • Expertly shorten pleated skirts and dresses. 

  • Professionally shorten blazers, jackets and coats. 

  • Professionally shorten shirt sleeves and jackets with plackets to match the original cuff and tailor-made specifically for you

  • Shorten your old t-shirts and make them fashionable

  • Turn your trousers and jeans into shorts

  • Turn your long sleeve shirts into short sleeve shirts

  • Almost any item of apparel can be made shorter - just ask our expert staff

Shorten It

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