Terms & Conditions

Trading terms and conditions for pick up and delivery service

♣    An initial deposit of $10 will be deducted from your registered credit card, and a garment bag and welcome pack will be delivered to you.

♣    A credit of $10 will be applied to your account, to be deducted from your first purchase.

♣    Garments and shoes must be submitted in the provided garment bag

♣    Payment for each purchase will be debited from your registered credit card upon completion of the work, but prior to delivery

♣    When your dry cleaning and shoe repairs are returned they will be accompanied by a tax invoice for your records

♣    Extra time may be required for difficult stains. In this circumstance we will contact you by mobile and advise of the extra time required or if any additional charges apply

♣    If a garment to difficult or risky to dry clean due to a particular type of stain, or fabrication, or style of manufacture, we will contact you by mobile phone and mutually agree to a course of action

♣    Claims for missing or damaged items must be made within 24 hours of expected delivery.