Fabulous feedback from a valued customer!

10th Oct 2012

We received the following email from a satisfied customer, and are very happy to be asked to share her comments.

It's so lovely to get feedback from our customers, and a glowing review like this is a true testament to our wonderful staff.

Congratulations Ellen and Maryanne for consistently giving exceptional customer service!



Hi Peter,

I hope you have received my comments to say just how professional, creative and wonderful the staff at Eltham Alter-it are.

I have had many repairs, remodelling and revivals sewn by Ellen and Maryanne over the years and believe that they should be recognised for the wonderful work they do. It's always a pleasure to walk in the shop and be met with such happy and helpful people.

I  hope that you can pass on this message as I went to your website but couldn't find anywhere I could write comments. So please let the talented ladies know or put it on your website as I firmly believe they should be recognised for the wonderful work they do.

Thanks so much and kind regards,

Meg Eddy (Healesville)



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